In Mani, breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. A good and healthy breakfast provides vitality and energy for a whole day full of activities and leisure. Therefore Porto Kale guesthouse places big value on local and fresh products. All the food served is prepared by the owner and his family for each room individually. We offer seasonal fruits and juices, organic eggs, tasty Greek yoghurt with local thyme honey, home-made jellies and jams with a choice of fresh bread as a standard to all our customers. We know that every guest is different and not everybody enjoys the same daily rhythm. This is why we offer our Greek traditional breakfast at any time desired by our guests, served to their rooms. Enjoying your first meal of the day on your private veranda in the cool shade of an eucalyptus tree while overlooking the sea, will create the perfect start for every day of your holidays in Mani. We take pride in offering this individual service to each of our guests regardless of the duration of their stay.

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