For the last 1100 years the middle of the three premantaries has been named Mani. The penisula is separated into North and South. It’s in this area that Eastern Mani is located with its steep slopes that form the laconian Gulf. Perhaps one of the most exquisite places both beautiful but also wild, throughout Greece. Here in Eastern Mani, four and a half hours drive from Athens is Porto Kagio a natural heaven to ships and sailors in ancient times.

If you want to carry on with your expedition into the area you will arrive at Gerolimena where a huge rock can take your away. There you can enjoy both the fantastic view and a cup of coffee at the same time. Of course you must visit Areopolis, the main town of Mani and which is the capital and according to tradition was dedicated to Aris the God of war. It was in this town that the flag of Greek Revolution. Paved and traditional, untouched from the passage of time is the ideal place to do all your shopping. Half way between Areopolis there are the Dyros caves renown all over the world, where a boatman can take you through the caves.

One more point you should not miss one of the local delicacies “Lalagia” and syglino smoked salted pork amd also local sausages cooked in different ways. At Porto Kagio you will have opportunity to have and enjoy fresh fish. Also marinated small beeit something you have never tasted before. In Mani every day is a different experience, a kaleidoscope of changing scenery, colors and tastes.

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